Different Methods for Consuming Cannabis Concentrates

Extracted through heat, pressure, or various other methods, concentrates are the most potent types of cannabis products. For cannabis newbies, though, it can be weird to wrap your head around the fact that these golden products are derived from the green plant we all love. So how do you get started using wax, shatter, diamonds, sauce, resin, and more? Here’s some insight into three different devices you can use to consume concentrates.

Dab Rigs

One of the most mainstream methods, dab rigs are effective devices for consuming concentrates. Since you don’t directly use a flame on the product, the product is vaporized instead of combusted.

How to Use Concentrates When Dabbing

Unless you have an e-nail, using a dab rig means heating the dab nail with a torch. Then, using the mouthpiece, you apply your wax, shatter, or another concentrate to the nail and inhale.

Keep inhaling for a few seconds after you release your finger from the button to help prevent clogging.

Note: a dab tool makes your dabbing sessions easier, more efficient, and safer. Make sure you keep one handy! Pro Tip– Any concentrate purchase from Boutiq comes with a complimentary flower vision dab tool. 

Vape Cartridge or Vaporizer

Next up, one of the different devices to consume concentrates is a vaporizer. You can purchase a 510 vape battery that works with cartridges, or you can find an electric vaporizer like a Puffco, that has a refillable compartment for your favorite concentrates.

How to Use Concentrates When Vaping

Carts & Pods

After you attach your cartridge or pod to the battery or vaporizer, check your temperature settings.

Once it’s set to your desired temp, press the activate or power button. Inhale.

Do note, some disposable vape pens may not have a button. In that case, just inhale to activate it.

Fillable Pods

For vaporizers that come with a refillable compartment, the process is similar. Add your desired concentrate to the compartment and attach it to the vaporizer. Then follow the instructions for your vaporizer to power it up, set the temperature, and enjoy your concentrate.

dab rigs

Top a Bowl or Line a Joint/Blunt

Smoking is the most common method for cannabis consumption, but not as common for concentrates. Still, there are plenty of people who prefer lining their joint or blunt or topping their bowl with some tasty wax or oil. 

How to Use Concentrates When Smoking

Line your joint or blunt with your wax before loading it up with flower. Or, if you prefer, you can load and roll your joint or blunt, then wrap the wax around the rolled piece. 

Tip: Make sure not to wrap it around the section your mouth and fingers are going to touch. Things could get sticky otherwise!

If you’re smoking a bowl instead, pack most of your bowl with bud. Then, break off some concentrate to add to the top. Alternatively, some like to mix concentrates like hash throughout the bowl.

Which to Choose?

For many people, carts are an easy way to enjoy concentrates before investing in a more advanced vaporizeror dab rig. If you want to learn more about concentrates and how to use them, don’t hesitate to ask the staff at our Venice dispensary! They’ll give you the lowdown on how to quickly get started with cannabis concentrates so you can enjoy your first session with them.

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