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Lefty Out There

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Eccentric, quirky, creative, and vibrant– it’s no secret that Venice is the eclectic child of southern California. Just like much of the Venice community, our co-founders have always had a passion for cannabis & art– and that is how the Boutiq vision came to life.

We take design seriously. It’s our way of providing a unique experience to all who visit Boutiq and we believe every single detail matters. So by now, we’re sure you’re probably wondering what’s up with the captivating squiggle design that is embellished all throughout our storefront. That’s why we have to give our first Featured Artist blog post to the man Lefty Out There.

Lefty is a trusted member and longtime friend of the Boutiq Fam. With us from our origin, Lefty’s patterns and overall perspective are intrinsic to the Boutiq Identity. Through creating intuitive, repeated shapes, he achieves the rare feat of working in contradictions.

Lefty's work is both

Bold and Intricate Organic but Uniform

And that’s exactly why we can’t get enough of it.

Following a spontaneous desire, Lefty’s patterns make the eye linger and yearn for interpretation – likened to cell structures and organisms, they call for the audience to pay attention to things that they take for granted.

Visit our shop to check out Lefty’s work and head to his page to give him a follow @leftyoutthere.

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