Understanding Wax Consistencies


Understanding Wax Consistencies

If you’re wishing to dabble *pun intended* in the world of cannabis concentrates but aren’t sure where to start, then you’ve come to the right place. 710 aka “Dab Day” is just around the corner and in celebration of the coveted “oil” holiday, we wanted to take a minute to explain the differences between cannabis concentrate consistencies that you’ll find at Boutiq.

One of the most important factors about concentrates is understanding the differences in how each is made. In modern-day cannabis, we use two kinds of methods – solvent-based vs solventless. Solvent-based extraction uses chemicals like alcohol, C02, and BHO to separate the cannabinoids from the plant matter while solventless extraction simply uses heat, pressure, or water. Easy enough, right?

Now let’s dive into the different consistencies you might see when visiting our dispensary.

Solventless Concentrates

A solventless concentrate made from heating and pressing dried flower, hash, or kief. It is also the most natural oil concentrate – think of it as “juicing” cannabis just like you would a fruit or vegetable.

Live Rosin
Very similar to rosin, but the difference in this process is using “live” freshly frozen flower instead of dried flower. Live Rosin preserves terpenes during the extraction process to ensure brighter, punchy flavors.

Made by compressing pure trichomes* together into small disks or bricks. Hash can be smoked alone or mixed with flower and is one of the oldest and most pure concentrates.

Hash Rosin
This method takes things a step further by pressing hash into oil. This process allows the oil to be pushed out of the trichome structure, making it a wax-like concentrate instead of disks or bricks.

Bubble Hash
Created by using ice and water, agitating the flower, then sifting it through multiple screens.

Kief aka Dry Sift
The powder-like substance that collects in the mesh compartment of your flower grinder. Use kief to make edibles or ingest on its own.

Solvent-based Concentrates

A mixture of THCA crystallites with terpene sauce*. Thicker, stickier, and more viscous in texture. Sauce is typically the most flavorful and pungent solvent-based oil concentrate.

Known for its high THC concentration and identified by its viscous, grainy, and wet quality.

Live Resin
Live Resin keeps the original terpenes from the cannabis plants by flash-freezing the whole cannabis flowers before extraction. This consistency is naturally lower in THC for a full spectrum, entourage effect*.

Diamonds aka THCA
Whether presented as a saucy, high-terpene extract or packaged as isolated diamonds, this concentrate always features a crystalline structure of pure THCA.

A Golden to amber colored concentrate which has a translucent, brittle, glass-like texture.

Made by purging the oil in a vacuum oven for quite some time at lower temperatures. The consistency is much softer and more brittle than shatter making it easier to handle.

Made by agitating terpene-rich shatter into a more creamy consistency. Like taffy, it's whipped under low temperatures to introduce and redistribute air molecules.

Budder is extremely pure and potent – 90% THC and 99% purity on average. It's more difficult to make since it has to be vigorously whipped during the purging process. Usually results in a higher price point and is one of the best options for high THC seekers.

Decarboxylated extract is commonly used as a base for most edibles & vape cartridges. It is the most natural version of solvent-based concentrates because it is distilled to be pure.

Known as the most potent form of unrefined oil. Typically not smoked. Ingested orally or used topically mostly for medicinal purposes.

Whether you are simply adding concentrates to the flower of a bowl or joint or you prefer vaporizing concentrates, we advise new users to consume with caution. Concentrates are considerably more potent than smoking flower.

Are you feeling savvy on the world of concentrates now? Perfect. Shop Boutiq’s wide variety of concentrates via our online store or order for express in-store pickup.

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