THC Cannabis Tinctures

If you’re used to cannabis being something you roll up and smoke, the notion of taking it from a dropper might sound a little… strange. In actuality, there is a longstanding precedent for this method of ingesting cannabis. For much of history, THC tincture was a common medicine which has sold at many local apothecaries, and used to treat a wide variety of ailments.

These days, with so many of us interested in harnessing the power of cannabis to treat chronic symptoms and conditions—and so many excellent products on the market—there’s never been a better time to explore THC tincture benefits.

If you’re interested in this convenient, potent, and discreet way of getting a little THC in your system, this quick guide will tell you everything you need to know to get started. Do be aware that in today’s post, we’ll be talking about THC tincture, not CBD tincture. THC effects, of course, include the cannabis plant’s distinctive psychoactive effects. If you’re interested in learning about the non-intoxicating CBD route, start your education here.

cannabis tinctures

THC Tincture: Little Bottle, Big Medicine

Even if it looks nothing like actual cannabis flower, THC tincture is essentially just its components—cannabinoids such as CBD and THC—extracted into a neutral medium such as grain alcohol or an oil. The most popular choice is an oil known as “MCT”—short for “medium-chain triglyceride”—a translucent solution typically made from coconut oil. And while they deliver many of the same benefits as flower, there are significant differences, too.

For one thing, using a THC tincture doesn’t introduce any smoke or vapor into your lungs. What’s more, it’s easy to measure your dose, it is shelf-stable, and it can be taken discreetly. And when we’re looking for specific medical effects—such as treating chronic pain or reducing stress and anxiety—being able to take a consistent and repeatable dose is a major upside.

Tinctures are also a great option when you’re on the go. Because they’re packaged in generic-looking bottles, taking your medicine won’t attract special attention. And depending on your dosage, a pocket-sized bottle should contain enough medicine for weeks or even months.

Stored safely away from heat and light, the medicine in THC tincture should stay fresh for at least a year.

cannabis tinctures

How to Use THC Tincture: Tips and Tricks

Since THC tincture contains the same active ingredients as other forms of cannabis, you’ll feel the same effects as flower with the same percent of THC. You can dispense a few drops into your favorite food or beverage—we love cannabis tea!—or simply dispense them into your mouth if the instructions indicate to do so. The main difference in the effect is that it takes longer to feel the effects of a tincture compared to inhaled cannabis. Similar to edibles (though possibly a bit faster acting), you’ll typically feel the THC effects anywhere from 1 to 2 hours after ingesting the tincture. The exact timeline depends on a number of factors, including .

But if you’re looking for a faster onset, there’s a possible shortcut: Dispense the drops underneath your tongue and allow them to absorb there for a minute. Because of the absorptive network of blood vessels located there, it might expedite the time between ingestion and feeling the effects. What’s more, there’s some evidence this method allows our bodies to better absorb the medically active compounds in the tincture. Again, follow the instructions on the bottle.

How much THC tincture should you use? Because everyone reacts a bit differently to cannabis, it’s hard to gauge the “right dose” without a little trial and error. We recommend you start with a minimal dose—usually 2 or 3 drops, but refer to the instructions for what’s considered a small dose for that formulation—and then wait a full two hours to assess the effects. Remember: You can always take more cannabis, but you can’t take less!

Likewise, you can expect the effects of a THC tincture to last longer than with inhaled cannabis. Tincture THC effects often last a few hours. That’s another reason to “Start low and go slow!” Once you get the hang of how to use THC tincture, we think you’re going to love this simple, intuitive, and highly effective way of taking your cannabis medicine!

Do you have more questions about cannabis facts and myths? Drop us a line! Better yet, come by and talk with one of our experienced budtenders. We’re here to hook you up with the best possible plan for your preferences.

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