5 Strains That Spark Creativity

Looking to get the creative juices flowing?

You aren’t alone in your search for creative spark—and cannabis may just help. Many artists and other creators can credit marijuana for their inspiration. In fact, research suggests that cannabis increases the cerebral blood flow to the part of the brain that stimulates creativity. But do some strains work better than others? After all, not every strain makes you feel the same way. Let’s take a look through 5 strains that spark creativity.

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An indica-dominant hybrid, Poproxx carries a sweet aroma similar to the candy. The fruity flavor pops off in your mouth as euphoria and creativity set in. Unlike other indica-dominant hybrids, it’s not sedative. While it’s relaxing, you’re more likely to feel creative clarity rather than the urge to nap.

Gelato 41

High in THC, Gelato #41 delivers a relaxing, heavy body high. It doesn’t cloud the mind, rather it puts your head in the clouds fueling inspiration. A heavy hitter, sweet citrus and berry sit on the tongue just right. It’s one of our favorite recommendations for creativity. Mellow on the mind, this was an easy choice as one of our 5 strains that spark creativity.

Ice Cream Cake

Another indica strain, Ice Cream Cake induces more sedative effects than others on the list. The tantalizing taste is hard to resist, though. This strain made it into our guide with the rush of creativity users feel after their first puff or two. Better for nighttime use, it might be a particularly useful strain to the night owls that have a creative block.


Meringue is a sativa strain dreamed up from a zestful cross between Lemon Skunk and Cookies and Cream .This strain offers invigorating energy and tastes powerfully of sour citrus diesel, and earthy nuttiness. What it gives off is a contented but enduring high. Daytime users feel ready to do anything.


Finally, an indica-dominant strain brings up the rear of our guide. Developed in the 1970s by DJ Short, Blueberry is best known for its sweet blueberry-like aroma. The flavor is earthier and more subdued, but the blueberry is still there. What you get with the strain is long-lasting euphoria and maximum relaxation. While that can make some users sleepy, many feel uplifted enough to do activities while sitting. When it comes to creativity, being able to sit and work on your art is an invaluable tool. 

5 Strains That Spark Creativity: The Bottom Line

Did one of these cannabis varieties catch your interest? Eager to see what other effects they might have? Now that you’ve looked through our 5 strains that spark creativity, check them out through our shop online. Use Shop Boutiq’s express pickup in-store or order online  to enjoy the strain that calls out to you most.

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